Frequently asked questions / wall of text!

The original idea was to have just one plugin, but after we created that MAFIAAFire was still needed so we created other tools to take on the MAFIAA (MPAA/RIAA/IFPI etc) scum.

Mixing the original FAQ with all the "products" that came later is quite confusing so we have divided them into seperate FAQs, either go page my page or jump to the FAQ that you are interested in.

MAFIAAFire Redirector (the original FAQ, people have written and told us they find this the most entertaining)

Gee! No Evil (A reminder to tell Google - Don't be ****ing evil!)

ThePirateBay Dancing (Our latest browser extension)


One of our most frequent question that spans nearly all our plugins is:
How can I host a mirror of
Answer: It's really quite simple!
You don't even need to buy a new domain (but feel free to do so if you wish and even incorporate "mafiaafire" into the name as some have done, for example then email us and we will send you some PHP files that you need to upload that automatically sets up the mirror site.

Your server should support:
Zend encoded scripts
PHP 5.1+

No database is needed.

Due to the overwhelming support of so many kind people creating mirrors, kindly contact us before making any purchase as at non-peak times we have too many mirrors - we don't need more!!!
If interested in hosting a temporary mirror for when our traffic spikes (usually as soon as we release a new addon, or we end up on the main pages of Digg, Slashdot, Reddit etc ) feel free to mention that instead.

Donations of $3 and above are also most welcome! Thanks again for your support!!!

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